Solo Exhibit Exposición individual Miami 2001

Exposición individual en Galería Jorge Sori Fine Art

Solo Exhibition at Jorge Sori Fine Art Gallery


2970 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, Miami FL 33134, USA

Escrito por Armando Alvarez Bravo para la exposición individual “BOSQUES Y BAMBÚES” Jorge Sori Fine Art Gallery, Miami Florida USA October 2001

Armando Alvarez Bravo

Among the multiple proposal of Latin American Art, the landscape has gained special presence and power. The landscape combines the most legitimate rupture and proposal in a space that shows the eargerness to give back to art – and specially to painting – its essence of sufficiency. This proposal goes beyond the theme and image by itself.
Adjective are always misleading, but the adjective that best describes Valencia, in terms of usage, is that of emerging artist. I just wish anyone getting this name had Valencia´s quality. His quality has consolidades and reached high standar since he started painting over a decade ago. Back them, he used to focus on what he calls native art, chich described the peoples and landscape of his country.
Event though Valencia´s painting are distinguished, among other things, by their precision and attention to detail at all levels, they also show intensity in the crystallization of each of his pieces.
This intensity results from landscape elaboration through lightning. This can be appreciated in the plenty of detail, which provides a concept of time and then allows for a material interpretarion sharing fiction and archetype at the same time.
The meticulous beauty of this painting the beauty of forests with bamboo, which is the artist´s universe is one of the best expressions of Latin American landscape painting. Valencia is one of those artists who knows, from his passion for a particular theme, that he can only reach the best definition when he prints every detail on their work thoroughly; that is, when a painting acclaims the landscape immensity, which is nothing but wonderful intimacy

Armando Alvarez Bravo (La Habana Cuba, 1938- ) es un importante crítico de Arte cubano, escritor y contribuyente especial para la sección de Arte del periódico The New Herald en Miami.

Este escrito fué hecho para la edición del New Herald. Septiembre 2001

Armando Alvarez Bravo (Havana Cuba, 1938-) is an important critic of Cuban art, writer and special contributor to the Art section of The New Herald newspaper in Miami.

This writing was made for the edition of the New Herald. September 2001

Latin American Artist

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