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Written on the occasion of the Exhibition “SUEÑO DE UN PAISAJE”

Galeria Praxis, Mexico City Mexico, September 2000

Author: Belgica Rodríguez (Caracas Venezuela)

DOWNLOAD LINK: (PDF, Spanish): belgica-rodriguez-exhibition-mexico-september-2000

belgica-rodriguezBelgica Rodríguez (Caracas Venezuela) has been Art Critic,  Museum Director and curator for important art galleries and museums through Latin America since more than 30 years.









Written on the occasion of the Exhibition “BOSQUES Y BAMBUES”

Jorge Sori Fine Art Gallery, Miami Florida USA October 2001

Author: Armando Alvarez Bravo (Miami, Fl USA)

DOWNLOAD LINK: (PDF, English): armando-alvarez-bravo-miami-2001

armando-alvarez-bravoArmando Alvarez Bravo  is an important cuban Art critic, writter and special contributor for Art Section for Miami newspaper The New Herald among others.

This written was made for the New Herald Art Section.








Written on the occasion of the Exhibition  “EN HONOR AL PAISAJE”

National Hall of Exhibitions Salarrué, San Salvador El Salvador, March 2008

Author: Rodolfo Molina  MFA (San Salvador, El Salvador)

(PDF, Spanish): rodolfo-molina-exhibition-el-salvador-2008

rodolfo-molinaRodolfo Molina (1959-2013) was an important art critic and curator for many Art events through the Arts in El Salvador and Central America, including contemporary Biennals and contemporary art events in many art galleries in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama

He passew away in 2013.








Essay for a description of Marco Valencia paintings

May 2013

Author: Mauricio Linares Aguilar MFA (San Salvador, El Salvador)

DOWNLOAD LINK:(ENGLISH, PDF): mauricio-linares-aguilar-arkansas-usa-2013

mauriciolinaresaguilarMauricio Linares Aguilar (1966-) is an artist and recognized salvadorean art curator, who has been developing several art projects with museums and galleries through Central America including art biennals. His style in painting evoques the new contemporary theme.






Written on the occasion of the Exhibition “SEGMENTOS DE VIDA”

Museo Torres Bicentenario, Toluca Mexico, May 2016

Author: Ricardo Camacho MFA (Mexico city, Mexico)

DOWNLOAD LINK: (PDF, Spanish):  ricardo-camacho-mexico-may-2016

ricardocamachoRicardo Camacho is a highly recognized mexican art curator, whose curatorial art projects are developed with many important mexican museums and cultural places like Museo Jose Luis Cuevas (Mexico City, Mexico), Museo Torres Bicentenario (Toluca, Mexico) and Toluca International Airport with his project Vuelarte. Ricardo is also recognized because his large experience working with mexican artist´s community and developing cultural projects such as World Art Day (Museo Jose Luis Cuevas April 15th, 2016).


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