Exposición Colectiva “República del Arte” – Collective Exhibition “Republica del Arte”

El  pasado  Viernes 18 de Mayo de 2017 fué inaugurada en el Museo Bicentenario de Toluca, México  la Exposición “República del Arte” , la cual es una exposición de la colección personal del curador de arte mexicano Ricardo Camacho, la exposición exhibe obras de diversos artistas reconocidos en México como Jose Luis Cuevas, Vicente Rojo, Leonardo Nierman entre otros y la obra de Marco Valencia “Atardecer” se encuentra catalogada dentro en esta exposición.

Abierta hasta el 31 de Julio de 2017

Last friday May 18th 2017 was opened at Museo Bicentenario (Toluca Estate of Mexico, Mexico) the personal Art collection from the mexican art curator Ricardo Camacho called “Republica del Arte”, the exhibition show several artworks from renowned mexican Masters like Jose Luis Cuevas, Vicente Rojo, Leonardo Nierman among others, the painting from Artist Marco Valencia “Atardecer” it was included in this exhibition.

Open until July 31 th 2017.


Museo Torres Bicentenario

DirecciónAv. José María Morelos Ote. s/n, Col. Ferrocarriles Nacionales, 50070 Toluca de Lerdo, Méx., México

Teléfono+52 722 213 7347


ART REVIEWS 2000-2016


Written on the occasion of the Exhibition “SUEÑO DE UN PAISAJE”

Galeria Praxis, Mexico City Mexico, September 2000

Author: Belgica Rodríguez (Caracas Venezuela)

DOWNLOAD LINK: (PDF, Spanish): belgica-rodriguez-exhibition-mexico-september-2000

belgica-rodriguezBelgica Rodríguez (Caracas Venezuela) has been Art Critic,  Museum Director and curator for important art galleries and museums through Latin America since more than 30 years.





Written on the occasion of the Exhibition “BOSQUES Y BAMBUES”

Jorge Sori Fine Art Gallery, Miami Florida USA October 2001

Author: Armando Alvarez Bravo (Miami, Fl USA)

DOWNLOAD LINK: (PDF, English): armando-alvarez-bravo-miami-2001

armando-alvarez-bravoArmando Alvarez Bravo  is an important cuban Art critic, writter and special contributor for Art Section for Miami newspaper The New Herald among others.

This written was made for the New Herald Art Section.






Written on the occasion of the Exhibition  “EN HONOR AL PAISAJE”

National Hall of Exhibitions Salarrué, San Salvador El Salvador, March 2008

Author: Rodolfo Molina  MFA (San Salvador, El Salvador)

(PDF, Spanish): rodolfo-molina-exhibition-el-salvador-2008

rodolfo-molinaRodolfo Molina (1959-2013) was an important art critic and curator for many Art events through the Arts in El Salvador and Central America, including contemporary Biennals and contemporary art events in many art galleries in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama

He passew away in 2013.



Essay for a description of Marco Valencia paintings

May 2013

Author: Mauricio Linares Aguilar MFA (San Salvador, El Salvador)

DOWNLOAD LINK:(ENGLISH, PDF): mauricio-linares-aguilar-arkansas-usa-2013

mauriciolinaresaguilarMauricio Linares Aguilar (1966-) is an artist and recognized salvadorean art curator, who has been developing several art projects with museums and galleries through Central America including art biennals. His style in painting evoques the new contemporary theme.

Website: http://www.mauriciolinaresaguilar.com/


Written on the occasion of the Exhibition “SEGMENTOS DE VIDA”

Museo Torres Bicentenario, Toluca Mexico, May 2016

Author: Ricardo Camacho MFA (Mexico city, Mexico)

DOWNLOAD LINK: (PDF, Spanish):  ricardo-camacho-mexico-may-2016

ricardocamachoRicardo Camacho is a highly recognized mexican art curator, whose curatorial art projects are developed with many important mexican museums and cultural places like Museo Jose Luis Cuevas (Mexico City, Mexico), Museo Torres Bicentenario (Toluca, Mexico) and Toluca International Airport with his project Vuelarte. Ricardo is also recognized because his large experience working with mexican artist´s community and developing cultural projects such as World Art Day (Museo Jose Luis Cuevas April 15th, 2016).

WEBSITE: www.ricardocamacho.com.mx

Contents in documents are property from the authors and can not be modified without the written permission from the authors.

Content from the authors is published for cultural references.




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Upcoming Individual Exhibition Mexico May 20th

UPCOMING EXHIBITION MEXICO MAY 2016The upcoming Individual Exhibition will be at the Torres Bicentenario Museum at Toluca City, Estado de Mexico, Mexico @ May 20th, 2016

15 selected paintings will be exhibited during May 20 to July  16th, 2016  at the Art Exhibitions Hall of the Museum Bicentenario.

Curator: Ricardo Camacho MFA

Opening date: May 20th 2016

Free Admission  to visitors, Not invitation required.

Hour for opening: 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm aprox.

Parking: yes


Address: Av. José María Morelos Ote. s/n , esquina con Alfredo del Mazo, Col. Ferrocarriles Nacionales, C.P. 50070, Toluca, Estado de México MEXICO

IMAGE map:

mapmuseobicentenario toluca

map2museobicentenario toluca

Hours : Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Fee Admission: MXN 10.00  / Wenesday and sundays: free admission

Tel. +52 722 213 7347
email: museo_torres_bicentenario@hotmail.com

Director: Anastasia Sergevna

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/museotorres/

Alternative links:


Going to Museo Torres Bicentenario (Toluca) from Mexico City, Mexico:

1. By shuttle buses  (aprox 1 hour from Mexico City) :

Take taxi or metro to Observatorio Terminal Bus Station Mexico City


Sur 122 y Av. Esq. Rio Tacubaya Núm. 232, Col. Real del Monte, México CDMX.

Del. Álvaro Obregón. C.P. 01130

Tel. +52 55 5271-4519,   +52 55 5271-0149  , +52 55 5271-4481

Official website (spanish):


Hours and prices (unofficial but detailed info):


2. By Car: (Aprox 1 hour from Mexico City):

1 h 5 min (66.1 km) via Autopista México-Marquesa/México 15D and Car Toluca – México/México 15
google directions to drive:
3. By plane:
Toluca International Airport
Official website:
The Airport is located 16 km from Center of Toluca City

World Art Day | Mexico City April 15th

MUSEO JOSE LUIS CUEVASIn order to commemorate the birth of  Leonardo Da Vinci, World Art Day is a global initiative to commemorate art masters and celeberate Art (painting, sculpture and danging) in Art Museums, Galleries and Cultural Centers all over the world.

The Museo Jose Luis Cuevas, located in Mexico City, Mexico will be celebrating World Art Day this coming April 15th with a Collective Exhibition and cultural activites through April and May 2016, in this Exhibition it will be participating important Mexican Art Masters like Jose Luis Cuevas, Leonardo Nierman, Gabriela Rojo, among others foreign artists in painting, sculpture and dancing.

ricardocamachoMexican Art Curator Ricardo Camacho MFA is head of this important Event for 2016.

Marco Valencia was chosen in 2016 as an Artist to participate in this important collective Exhibition with logo_WAD(2)his painting “Bosque Azul” .

The Exhibition World Art Day will be during April 15th- May 15th 2016.






Title: BOSQUE AZUL Technique: Acrylic on linen Size: 0.90 x 1.31 mt 35.4 x 51.6 inches Signed front and back as : Marco Valencia 2016


For Art Collectors: for more information this painting please contact in Mexico trhough his Mexico Art representatives

Arte y Curaduria

Tel:+52 (55) 4169-1973 | E-Mail: direccion@arteycuraduria.com

For more info about World Art Day :

World Art Day in Mexico (spanish website):


Opening: April 15 th 2016

Hour: 6.30 pm (invitation required), get  online invitations here:


Address:  Academia 13, Cuauhtémoc, Centro Histórico, 06060 Ciudad de México, D.F., México

Tel +52 55 5522 0156


Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 am – 6 pm  MONDAY CLOSED

map :

mapmuseum joseluiscuevas mexico city





Remembering the past: Artwork selected as Official Gift in Royal Wedding in Spain, 2004

In 2004, during the Royal Wedding of Prince Felipe of Spain ( now the King of Spain) with Leticia, the government of El Salvador gave a painting as official gift. The painting was selected “Helechos en el Bosque” from Artist Marco Valencia, it was a medium size (60×120 cm) acrylic on line painting which was sent with all Royal Gifts from other countries to this important event.

official gift



Marco Valencia in El Salvador National Art Collection Hall (Sala Nacional de Exposiciones Salarrué)

The painting “Hojas en el Río” was a acrylic painting which was  donated in 2008 from the Artist to Sala Nacional de Exposiciones Salarrué (National Hall of Art) . The painting describes a small river and some banana leaves and some other leaves suspended into the water flow.

The Salvadorean National Art Collection is an historical Art Collection from only consecrated  fine Artists who lived and have done in some way  an important legacy in El Salvador Fine Arts History.

The Sala Nacional de Exposiciones Salarrué is probably, after the Museo de Arte MARTE (private Art Collection Museum) and Museo Forma (Private Art Collection Museum) the most  important Government  – Exhibition place  for Fine Arts located in the heart of San Salvador Capital and it shows important Art Exhibitions from 1967.

Marco Valencia had a Curated Retrospective Exhibition in March, 2008 at Sala Nacional de Exposiciones, “En honor al Paisaje” with more than 30 large paintings exhibited there that show the Artist´s works from 1994.

For more information please visit the following links:



sala nacional vista1





Marco Valencia in Rembrandt talking Colors

Royal Talens, a famous Dutch company specialized in hobby and Art Materials , launched in 2011 the campaign “Talking colours” and interviewed some  Artists around the world about using pigments and their personal experience with colors. Marco was chosen to talk about white pigment in their artwork.

You can see the entire interview in the following link


Royal Talens is a company in Apeldoorn that specializes in artists accessories and hobby paint. In the past Talens has also produced fountain pen ink, typewriter ribbon, carbon paper and other office supplies.

royal talens rembrandt talking colours


Marco Valencia in Sennelier official website, a famous French Artists Materials Brand

From the Official website of famous Art Materials French Brand Sennelier, Marco was selected in 2013 as one of the Artists participating in “Sennelier Atmospheres” a campaign to portrait famous artists around the world working in their studios.

See the link:


Sennelier is a French brand of art supplies famous for their hand selected pigments. They produce oil paints, water colors, gouache, pastels, india ink and many other mediums.

sennelier colours


Limited Edition of 20th Anniversary prints



This is a Limited Edition of 20th Anniversary of painting, with the painting “Cascada en el Atardecer”

Each Gicleé is signed and there is a limited edition of 25 prints.

Printed in Epson High Quality Enhanced Matte Paper and Epson k4 Ultrachrome Inks.

Size: 8 x 10 inches, numbered from 1 to 25

Packed in foam paper and shipping using normal mail, options for express shipping available

Certificate of printing provided by the Artist

more info : info@marcovalencia.net




ACRYLIC ON LINEN 1.00 X 0.80 MT / 39.4 X 31.5 INCHES Signed front and back as " Marco Valencia"
ACRYLIC ON LINEN 1.00 X 0.80 MT / 39.4 X 31.5 INCHES Signed front and back as ” Marco Valencia”

This medium size blue painting is a personal reflection about a night in a forest. Is a mixture between lights and dark shadows creating a dramatic but a reflexive theme about night.


Exhibited at Juannio Art Auction, Guatemala City, June 2014.

Eshitited at Galeria 123, San Salvador El Salvador, August – December 2013.

Exhibiting at Salt Fine Art Galllery Laguna Beach California, February 2015

If you arte interested in the painting contact Salt Fine Art Gallery.



Welcome to our site

Official page of Marco Valencia, self-taught Landscape Artist and chemical engineer, born in El Salvador, Marco has been exhibiting across Central America, Mexico and United States for 15 years.  His paintings and inspiration are devoted to Landscape, Latin American Landscape.

Thank you for visiting and get inspired with the great landscape Art of Marco.




Private Commission from a Private Art Collector in Guatemala

Commision of "Platanar" Impressionist painting
Commision of “Platanar” Impressionist painting 2.80 x 9 mt ( 9.2 x 29.5 feet)
Commision of "Platanar" Impressionist painting
Commision of “Platanar” Impressionist painting 2.80 x 9 mt ( 9.2 x 29.5 feet)
Commision of "Platanar" Impressionist painting
Commision of “Platanar” Impressionist painting 2.80 x 9 mt ( 9.2 x 29.5 feet)
Commision of "Platanar" Impressionist painting
Commision of “Platanar” Impressionist painting 2.80 x 9 mt ( 9.2 x 29.5 feet)
Commision of "Platanar" Impressionist painting
Commision of “Platanar” Impressionist painting 2.80 x 9 mt ( 9.2 x 29.5 feet)
Commision of "Platanar" Impressionist painting
Commision of “Platanar” Impressionist painting 2.80 x 9 mt ( 9.2 x 29.5 feet)
Commision of "Platanar" Impressionist painting
Commision of “Platanar” Impressionist painting 2.80 x 9 mt ( 9.2 x 29.5 feet)